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Basic Computer Skill
Basic Computer Skill
Basic Computer Skill
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DIIT-NU-BBA-20th Batch: Introduction to Business
This course provides students with an insight as to how a business is managed. It will enable students to gain a better understanding of what business arena is all about, how a business operates and which business functions are needed in any business enterprise. The course will focus on business systems, workforce demographics, social responsibility, business ethics, forms of business organizations, entrepreneurship, small business and franchise systems, management processes, human resource management, marketing management, business finance, business decision‐making, MIS and quantitative tools used in business, international business and the future dimensions of business opportunities in a global economy. The objective of the course is to introduce students to the basic steps required to plan, start and run a business by having them actually do all of these things that are part of a startup.
Course Conducted by
M.M. Shahanuzzaman, Instructor,
Daffodil Polytechnic Institute.
This Course for: Diploma in Engineering(2nd Semester)
Algebra: Determinants, Matrix, Exponential Series.
Trigonometry: Inverse circular functions, Properties of triangle and solution of triangles.
Differential Calculus: Function and limit of a function, differentiation with the help of limit, differentiation of functions, geometrical interpretation of dx/dy, successive
differentiation and Leibnitz theorem, partial differentiation.
Integral Calculus : Fundamental integrals, integration by substitutions, integration by parts, integration by partial fraction, definite integrals.
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