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Lecture 1: Historical Influence of Egyptian Civilization.
Lecture 2: The Evaluation and Architectural Features of Egyptian Pyramid.
Lecture 3: Characteristics of Amun and Hatshepsut Temples.
Quiz - 1

Lecture 4: Characteristics of West Asiatic Civilization and Building Technology.
Lecture 5: Architectural Characteristics of Babylon and City of Khorsabad.
Quiz - 2

Lecture 6: Historical Influence and Orders of Greek Architecture.
Lecture 7: History and Architectural Features of Acropolis and Parthenon.
Quiz - 3

Lecture 8: Historical Influence of Roman Architecture.
Lecture 9: History and Architectural Features of Roman Coliseum and Houses.
Quiz - 4

Lecture 10: Historical Influence of Mughal Style and Planning of Fathepur Sikri.
Lecture 11: Development of Red Fort, Humayan’s Tomb and Tajmahal.
Quiz - 5

Lecture 12: Historical Influence of Islamic Architectural Style of Bengal and Architectural Features of Sat Gambuj Masjid, Khulna.
Lecture 13: Architectural Features of Lal-bag Fort and Ashan Monjil.
Quiz - 6

Lecture 14: Historical Development of Kantojir Mondir and Sonargaon at Narayanganj.
Lecture 15: Historical Development of Maynamoti at Comilla and Mahasthan Ghor at Bogra.
Quiz - 7

Lecture 16: Art Nouveau and the Influence of Louis Sullivan in Modern Architecture.
Lecture 17: Contemporary Approach to Interior Design and Furniture.
Quiz - 8

Lecture 18: Important Works of Walter Gropius, Mies Ven Der Rohe and Frank Lloyed Wright.
Lecture 19: Important Works of Le-Corbusier, Pier Luige Nervi and Luis I Kahn.
Quiz - 9

Lecture 20: Important Works of Mazharul Islam and Bashirul Haque.
Lecture 21: Important Works of Shamsul Wares and F.R. Khan.
Quiz - 10

Lecture 22: Architectural Feature of National Memorial of Bangladesh at Savar and High Court Building at Dhaka.
Lecture 23: Architectural Features of Shahjalal International Airport at Dhaka and Sangsad Bhanban at Dhaka.
Quiz - 11

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