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Lecture-10: Water Pollution

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Organic and Inorganic Water Pollutants according to type of Industry -

Effects of Water Pollution -

Water Pollution means addition of some unwanted elements to water which degrades the quality of water. These unwanted elements may be organic wastes/elements, inorganic wastes/elements, biological elements, radiological/radioactive elements and even heat.

When these elements affect the natural characteristics of any water body this is termed as water pollution.

Types of Water Pollution -

POINT SOURCE WATER POLLUTION - This happens when pollutants are being added to a water body at specific points.

NON-POINT SOURCE WATER POLLUTION - This is where very randomly the pollutants are being added to a water body. The reasons of this type of pollution is attributed to raid urbanisation, suburban development, release of toxic materials by industries etc.

Agricultural Source of Water Pollution -

These reasons include indiscriminate and unscientific use of fertilizers which disturbs the balance of nutrients in soil.

Then there is thermal water pollution, marine/oceanic water pollution etc. Complete details are mentioned in the video.

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