Microprocessor & Interfacing (66662)

Microprocessor & Interfacing (66662)

Subject Aims:
 To be able to acquire the knowledge on microprocessor, microcomputer.
 To be able to develop the knowledge and skill on the architecture and assembly
Language programming of 16- bit microprocessor.
 To be able to acquire the knowledge and skill on memory, interrupt and I/O

Subject Outcome:
⮚ Concept of microprocessor, Basic conception of microprocessor and microcomputer, Architecture
and addressing mode of Intel 8086 microprocessor.
⮚ Instruction timing of Intel 8086 microprocessor; Memory, input /output and interrupt interfacing of Intel 8086 microprocessor.
 Interfacing principle and peripheral devices; programming of Intel 8086/8088; Intel x86 family,
multi-core processor idea

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