Mathematics -I (65911/5911)

Mathematics -I (65911/5911)

Subject Teacher : Md. Abdul Hakim, Sr. Assistant Director
Technology : Civil,Computer, Electrical, AIDT, Telecommunication, Textile & GDPM
Semester : 1st Semester

Subject Aims:
• To acquaint the students with the basic terminology of Algebra.
• To be able to understand the complex numbers which are being used in electrical engineering.
• To be able to understand the binomial expansion.
• To be able to use the knowledge of trigonometry in solving problems of engineering importance.

Subject Outcome:
Students will able to learn about Algebra and Trigonometry by studying this subject.
• Detail discussions in Algebra will be: AP & GP, Polynomials & polynomial equations, Complex number, Permutation & Combination, Binomial Theorem for positive integral index and negative & fractional index.
• Detail discussions in Trigonometry will be: Ratio of associated angles, Compound angles, Transformation formulae, multiple angles and Sub-multiple angles.

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Last Update 07/24/2020
Completion Time 6 hours 29 minutes
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