Mathematics for STD VIII

Mathematics for STD VIII

Hi, I'm Rezaul Karim. I'm the Vice-Principal of Daffodil International School. I prepare this course from my 11+ year experience of teaching mathematics in STD VIII.
# The course is designed for all level of students.
# The course contents are organized with an approach of blended learning. Students from both on-campus and off-campus can be benefitted.
# Some of the contents are made available for free. To get full access to the course one must enroll in the course.
# Each section is designed as per the NCTB guidelines with some added values. I left no stone unturned to make the course comprehensive and will continue my effort to enrich it further.

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Live Class

Start Time 09/02/2020 03:46:57
End Time 09/02/2020 04:46:57
  • Course Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Pattern
    • Live Class Link Mathematics STD VIII
    • Free preview
    • Pattern and Prime Numbers
    • Number pattern and how to determine the next numbers in a pattern
    • Derivation of formulas to find Profit Percentage, Loss Percentage, Cost Price and Sale Price
    • Free preview
    • Number pattern and general formula
    • Writing a General Formula of an Arithmetic Sequence
    • Quiz on Number Pattern
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  • Chapter 2: Profit and Loss
    • Free preview
    • Profit & Loss
    • Compound Interest
    • How to derive the formula for Compound Interest and Compound Amount Derivation
  • Chapter 3: Measurement
    • Learning Outcome
    • The concept of Measurement
    • Measurement units of Matric System
    • Conversion of units from one system to another
    • Measurement Related Questions
  • Chapter 4: Algebraic Formula and their Application
    • Learning Outcome
    • Common Formula to solve problems
  • Theorem Related to Circle
    • Learning Outcome
    • The Basic Part of a Circle
      10 xp
    • Theorem 1 related to circle
    • Theorem 2 Related to circle