Mathematics -2 (65921)

Mathematics -2 (65921)

Mathematics -2 (65921)
This Course for Created for Diploma in Engineering(2nd Semester) Students.
Course Conducted by
Md. Rezaur Rahman, Instructor,
Daffodil Polytechnic Institute.

In this Course you can learn details and usage of Algebra, Trigonometry, Differential Calculus and Integral Calculus.
Course Outline:
Algebra: Determinants, Matrix, Exponential Series.
Trigonometry: Inverse circular functions, Properties of triangle and solution of triangles.
Differential Calculus: Function and limit of a function, differentiation with First Principal, differentiation of functions, geometrical interpretation of dx/dy, successive
differentiation and Leibnitz theorem, partial differentiation.
Integral Calculus : Fundamental integrals, integration by substitutions, integration by parts, integration by partial fraction, definite integrals.

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