Industrial Electronics

Industrial Electronics

Course Conducted By
Md.Shafikul Islam (Milon)
Electrical Technology.
Daffodil Polytechnic Institute

• To develop the knowledge and skill on using semiconductor diode in power electronics.
• To familiarize with power switching device.
• To develop the knowledge & skill on inverter , Chopper & Cycloconverter
• To familiarize dc and ac control drive.
• To develop knowledge & skill on photo diode, Photo Transistor & Photo Resistor .
• To develop knowledge & skill on Solar Power system.
• To develop knowledge & skill on UPS, IPS & AVR.
• To develop knowledge & skill on electronic safety system.

Power switching devices, Semiconductor diode in power electronics, Inverter, Chopper , Cycloconverter , Control of
ac and dc drives, Photo diode , Photo Transistor , Photo Resistor , Solar Power system , UPS,IPS , AVR & safety system

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Last Update 01/27/2021
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