Electrical & Electronic Measurement - 1(66751)

Electrical & Electronic Measurement - 1(66751)

Course Conducted By
Md. Al Mamun Rashid
Daffodil Polytechnic Institute

• Accuracy, precision, sensitivity and error in electrical measuring instruments.
• Concept of operation of different types of electrical measuring instruments.
• Selection of correct type of meters for particular measurement.
• Measurement of power of single phase and three phase system.
• Concept of operation of energy meter

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Course overview
আমরা যে বিষয় গুলো নিয়ে এখানে আলোচনা করব সেগুলো হলোঃ
1. Recognize the basic concept of measurements
2. Interpret the classification of measuring instrument.
3. Understand the principle of operation of indicating instruments.
4. Perceive the constructional features of measuring instruments
5. Interpret the principle of operation of moving iron instruments.
6. Conceive the principle of operation of moving coil instruments
7. Understand the principle of operation of electrostatic voltmeter.
8. Recognize the operation of dynamometer type wattmeter.
9. Conceive the operation of induction type wattmeter.
10. Interpret the concept of measurement of single phase power.
11. Apply the principle of power measurement in three phase circuit.
12. Recognize the operation of energy meter.
13. Perceive the concept of testing of energy meter
14. Conceive the concept of digital instrument and digital display.
15. Interpret the concept of digital voltmeter and digital energy meter.
Lecture1: Recognize the basic concept of measurements
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Loading Effect in Measurement
Lectures on Measurements By Dr. Tirupathiraju Kanumuri, Assistant Professor, NIT Delhi

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Definition of electrical measuring instrument, instrument accuracy, instrument precision, instrument sensitivity, instrument resolution