Electrical Circuits and  Machine

Electrical Circuits and Machine

Course Conducted By
Md.Shafikul Islam (Milon)
Electrical Technology.
Daffodil Polytechnic Institute


To provide the student with an opportunity to acquire knowledge, skill and attitude in the area of DC Machines with special emphasis on:

• Promote knowledge and skill on Cell & Battery and the process of electroplating.
• Provide understanding on DC generator.
• Develop knowledge and skill on DC motor.
• Maintain knowledge on the characteristics of DC generator.
• Develop knowledge on electric traction.


• My Students will be able to understand Cell and Battery: principle of operation, construction, testing, uses and maintenance of battery.
• My Students will be able to understand DC Generator: Principle, construction, winding, losses, efficiency, characteristics and parallel operation.
• They will be able to DC Motor: Principle, construction, torque/speed curves, efficiency, speed control, starting and tests.
• They can Identify DC Generator and DC Motor.
• They will be able to understand Electric traction.

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