DIITCTG CMT  Data Communication System(66644)

DIITCTG CMT Data Communication System(66644)

Course Conducted by
Tamanna Akther
Instructor of Computer Department.
Daffodil Institute of IT Chattogram
This course is designed for Diploma in Engineering, Computer Technology( 4th Semester)
Objective of the Course:
1. Build an understanding of the fundamental concepts of computer networking.
2. Familiarize the student with the basic taxonomy and terminology of the computer
networking area.
3. Introduce the student to advanced networking concepts, preparing the student for
entry Advanced courses in computer networking.
4. Allow the student to gain expertise in some specific areas of networking such as the
design and maintenance of individual networks.

Learning Outcomes:
After completing this course the student must demonstrate the knowledge and ability to:
1. Independently understand basic computer network technology.
2. Understand and explain Data Communications System and its components.
3. Identify the different types of network topologies and protocols.
4. Enumerate the layers of the OSI model and TCP/IP. Explain the function(s) of each
5. Identify the different types of network devices and their functions within a network
6. Understand and building the skills of subnetting and routing mechanisms.
7. Familiarity with the basic protocols of computer networks, and how they can be used
to assist in network design and implementation.

Last Update 10/08/2020
Completion Time 5 hours 55 minutes
Members 4

Live Class

Start Time 10/06/2020 06:30:00
End Time 10/06/2020 07:30:00
    • Class Plan
  • Chapter 01(Understand the Communication Basics)
    • Lecture 01
  • Chapter 02(Analog Communication System)
    • Lecture 02
  • Chapter 03(Digital Communication System)
    • Lecture 03
  • Chapter 04(Transmission Media)
  • Chapter 05(Multiplexing Technique )
  • Chapter 06(Computer Network basic)
  • Chapter 07 (Network Topology)
  • Chapter 08 (Network Protocol)
  • Chapter 09 (IP Addressing)
  • Chapter 10 (Network Interface Card)
  • Chapter 11 (Connectivity Device)
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