DIITCTG BBA Principles of Marketing

DIITCTG BBA Principles of Marketing

Course Description and Learning Objectives

This course is designed to serve as an introduction to the basic principles of marketing, practices, and the application of these practices. This course examines our present-day marketing system from a managerial point of view and has a current events component to help emphasize the marketing principles in today’s business world. Subjects covered include consumers, market research and target markets, feasibility analysis, products, promotion, channels of distribution, pricing, international marketing and use of technology in marketing. The majority of class time will be spent in lecture discussing the various solutions to marketing cases by the application of marketing principles.

Upon satisfactory completion of this course, students will be able to demonstrate comprehension and application of the following skills:

Define the term marketing and explain its role and importance in an individual firm and the overall economy.
Understand the importance of strategic marketing and know the basic outline for a marketing plan:
Analyze the external environment to identify opportunities or challenges to a business.
Identify and classify marketing segments and targets, demonstrating the use of marketing research techniques.
Create and use a mission statement, SWOT analysis and SMART goals.
Describe the elements of the marketing mix (4Ps of marketing):
Product: Explain the use of product mix and life cycle in a marketing strategy
Place / Marketing Channels: Identify different marketing channels and develop distribution strategies.
Promotion / Advertising: Describe the role of advertising and public relations in marketing a product or service.
Pricing: List and explain a variety of pricing objectives.
Create and present the components of a working marketing plan

Required Text

MKTG 10: Student Edition, ISBN: 978-1-337-14842-9, Lamb

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