DIITCTG BBA Marketing Management

DIITCTG BBA Marketing Management

Course Description and Purpose:
MAR 3023- Marketing Management is a course that examines the role and importance of marketing in the firm and other organizations. We will cover topics such as marketing plans/strategies, marketing research, market segmentation, retailing, advertising, pricing, Internet marketing, etc. You will find the course interesting and informative. Keep on top of the work. All the best.
Course Objectives:
This course will help you to develop a better appreciation and understanding of the role of marketing in a business organization specifically, and in our society at large.

Specific objectives include:

To enhance your knowledge about marketing theories, principles, strategies and concepts and how they are applied;
To provide you with opportunities to analyze marketing activities within the firm;
To allow you to apply marketing concepts and theories to realistic marketing situations.
Textbook:Marketing (Required)
William M. Pride and O.C.Ferrell
South-Western, 16th edition, 2012

ISBN 13: 9781133618669 (Loose-leaf Edition)

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Completion Time 10 hours 30 minutes
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