DIIT-CTG Computer Peripherals(66645)

DIIT-CTG Computer Peripherals(66645)

This course is conducted by
Tamanna Akther
Instructor of Computer department
Daffodil Institute of IT, Chattogram

This course covers the role of computer peripherals such as display units, input and output devices, etc. Topics discussed include: Analogous signal input output; Graphic systems; Output devices; OMR, OCR and MCR; Backing stores; Data communication; Interfacing components and their characteristics; Important peripheral chips,

Microprocessor I/O; Disk I/O; Optical displays and sensors; Design and operation of interface between computer and the outside world.

Expected Outcomes:
Become familiar with the operation of a sophisticated computer system, including high- performance peripheral interfaces, extensive signal processing and graphics software.
Be familiar with the different types of interrupt structures.
Be able to select appropriate and compatible computer/peripherals combinations.
Have a working knowledge of digital communication interface adapters.
Be able to interface a microcontroller to various devices.
Be able to effectively utilize microcontroller peripherals.

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