Digital Electronics & Microprocessor(66856)

Digital Electronics & Microprocessor(66856)

Course Conducted By
Md. Al Mamun Rashid
Daffodil Polytechnic Institute

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Course overview
আমরা যে বিষয় গুলো নিয়ে এখানে আলোচনা করব সেগুলো হলোঃ
1.Understand Number systems and codes
2.Understand the basic digital circuits
3.Understand Combinational Logic circuits
4.Understand Flip-Flops and shift registers
5.Understand the Counters
6.Understand D/A converter
7.Understand A/D converter
8.Understand the features of Semiconductor Memories
9.Understand the features of Microprocessor
10.Understand the Programming of 8085 Microprocessors
11.Understand the 8085 Microprocessors system
12.Understand the features of 16-bit Microprocessors
Lecture 1:Understand Number systems and codes
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Live class - 1
Introduction of Hamming Code
Introduction of Hamming Code
Watch more videos at
Lecture By: Ms. Gowthami Swarna, Tutorials Point India Private Limited
Gray Code|Excess-3|Alphanumeric code|ASCII
Topics in Lecture 9
After completing this section, you should be able to
Convert each decimal digit to BCD
Express decimal numbers in BCD
Convert from BCD to decimal
Add BCD numbers
Convert from BCD to Exess-3
Explain the advantage of the Gray code
Convert between Gray code and binary
Use the ASCII code
Lecture 2:Understand the basic digital circuits
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A video by Jim Pytel for renewable energy technology students at Columbia Gorge Community College
Lecture 3:Understand Combinational Logic circuits
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BCD to 7 segment decoder
ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) Definition, Design & Function
Lecture 4:Understand Flip-Flops and shift registers
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Introduction to Registers
Digital Electronics: Introduction to Registers


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