Basic Electricity

Basic Electricity

Course Conducted By
Md. Abdulla-All-Mamun Rupom
Daffodil Polytechnic Institute

• To familiarize the basic electrical quantities & laws and to apply them in solving problems of electrical circuits.
• To acquaint with electro-chemistry, electro-magnetism, electro-magnetic induction and electrostatic.
• To develop skill in electrical wiring.
• To appreciate the safety measures to be taken for electrical wiring.

Electric current and ohm's law; conductors and insulators; basic electrical circuits; power and energy; basic electro-chemistry; electro-magnetism; electro-magnetic induction; electrostatics; wires and cables; hand tools used in wiring; house wiring; controlling devices; protective devices; earthing.

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Last Update 02/09/2021
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Start Time 09/05/2020 06:00:00
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