Applied Mechanics

Applied Mechanics

Course Conducted By
Md. Nur Alam
Jr. Instructor
Daffodil Polytechnic Institute
Applied Mechanics : There we can Know about the mechanism of material on force.

Subject Aims:

• To facilitate understanding the fundamental of units and their conversions.
• To provide the understanding of force, effect of the force, composition and resolution of forces and computing
the resultant force & couple
• To provide the understanding of parallel forces
• To provide understanding the centroid and enable to computing the center of gravity &the moment of inertia.
• To enable to understand the laws of friction and the coefficient of friction& the ability of computing frictional
forces of reactions of surfaces.

Subject Outcome:
Applied mechanics and unit conversion, Composition and resolution of forces. Moment and their applications.
Equilibrium of force and couples, centroid, center of gravity and moment of inertia. Friction, support reactions, frame
and truss, projectiles, work, power and energy.

Private Course

Last Update 09/29/2020
Completion Time 9 hours 34 minutes
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