AC Machine-1

AC Machine-1


To provide the student with an opportunity to acquire knowledge, skills and attitude in the area of alternating current machines with special emphasis on :
• power transformer.
• auto transformer.
• 3-phase induction motor.


 My Sudents will be able to understand principle of operation & construction of transformer, emf equation, transformation ratio, losses, equivalent resistance, leakage reactance, tests, regulation, efficiency, three phase connection, auto transformer, parallel operation,
 My Sudents will be able to understand Three-phase induction motor: working principle, construction, magnetic field, torque, power stage, tests, starting and speed control.
 They will be able to Perform various test of Ac machine
 They will be able to operate and speed control of induction motor
 They can Identify efficiency of Transformer and motor

Private Course

Last Update 09/29/2020
Completion Time 17 hours 50 minutes
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